First Announcement and Call for Papers for Congress, 2006 10th to 12th July, 2006 University of Vienna, Austria

Any researcher interested in presenting a paper at the 12th International Symposium on Spatial Data
Handling is invited to submit a full text paper. Papers can be in any area of Geographical
Information Science, which is to say in the theoretical areas that address the working of and work
with Geographical Information Systems. Papers might be related to a large range of topics, of which
the following list gives a flavor, but is not prescriptive, including:

– Uncertainty in spatial information: How it is conceptualised, Described, Modelled, and

– User interfaces: Usability testing, Interface design, and Visual languages

– Scale issues of geographical information: Problems with scale, Exploiting scale, Multiscale
analysis and description.

– Databases: Extending Geographical database structures, Data Models, Data fusion, Data base
description and ontology, Interoperability.

– Dissemination of Geographical Data: Spatial Data Infrastructures, Web Access, Watermarking

– Visualisation: New and traditional approaches to visualisation and mapping, Generalisation,

– Terrain and surface modelling: Interpolation, Modelling, Analysing, and Extracting Features

– Spatial Modelling: The use of spatial data in urban, regional, transport and environmental

– Remote Sensing: The conversion of RS data to information, Novel algorithms, and Integration
and Fusion of data

– Spatial Cognition: Human understanding of space, Models of space, Wayfinding,

– Social issues of GIScience theory and GISystem use

– Critical approaches to and evaluations of the use of GISystems in applications

– Social, Economic, Legal and Policy issues of Geodata and GISystems use

Papers relating to topics which are not mentioned in this list will be especially welcome. All papers
will be subject to full review by the International Programme Committee, and, if accepted,
published in the conference proceedings.

Papers should be written in English (the official language of the conference) and prepared in
accordance with the Instructions for Authors, which can be found with this call and other
information at or