With Interoperability Workshop, Monday 4 June 2007, Milano, Italia

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) in collaboration
with UNI,
the Italian Standards Organization, and its associated body UNINFO, Standards
for the Information
Technology and related applications, is pleased to host the: 24th Plenary of ISO
TC211, Rome, Italy
27 May – 1 Jun 2007

Standards for geographic information are critical to the continued growth of
Spatial Data Infrastructures worldwide, and for the rapid evolution of the
geospatial industry as a key component of information technology and commercial
business activities. TC211 is the leader in developing a framework of standards
which enable increased understanding and use of geographic information and
associated technology to support decision-making in addressing local and global

The FAO Environment, Climate Change and Bioenergy Division (NRC) looks forward
to hosting the 24th Plenary Meeting of ISO/TC211 as evidence of its commitment
to TC211 and to the international consensus process.

To register for the CEN TC 287 interoperability workshop (4 June 2007) or other
meetings in Milan visit www.geostandard.it.

The program can be found here.

An Interoperability Workshop will take place Monday 4 June 2007, Milano, Italia, featuring presentations of Prof. Knoop and Günther Pichler.