Call for short papers, May 29-30, 2006, Banff Centre, Banff, Alberta, Canada

Initiated through a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation
(CFI), the REGARD laboratory is the first Canadian research laboratory
for mobile geospatial augmented reality. It provides the research group
with innovative technologies in augmented reality for emerging
applications in geomatics. The research applications implemented on this
infrastructure aim to provide users with geospatial information, in a
mobile context, adapted to their needs and their location. This will
greatly help the users to better understand and interact with their
surrounding environment.

The purpose of this first international workshop on mobile geospatial
augmented reality is to establish an interdisciplinary forum for leading
researchers from universities, government agencies, and private firms in
order to present and exchange state-of-the-art research and applications
in this field. The workshop is meant to promote networking between the
participants, to initiate and favour discussions regarding cutting-edge
technologies in the field, to exchange research ideas and to promote
international collaboration. The key issues that will be covered during
the workshop include:

  1. Dynamic 3D modeling and simulation
  2. Location Based Services and real time geospatial data delivery
  3. Acquisition and spatial reference
  4. Multi-modal cognition and visualisation

Although the workshop focuses on mobile geospatial AR, the key issues
targeted by the workshop do not exclude research works dealing with
sedentary augmented reality. Presentations concerned with practical
applications that merge AR and geomatics are also greatly encouraged.

Authors are invited to submit short papers (1500-2000 words) related to
mobile geospatial augmented reality and one or more of following topics mentioned at

On this site you will find more details for submission.