The Metadata Survey Report
summarizes the outcomes of a survey organized by the European Commission DG Joint Research Centre in
Spring/Summer 2006 on the current availability and characteristics of online metadata for data sets.
It offers statistics on standards used, search protocols, accessibility, etc.

The survey announcement is at:

and the survey results (19 pages) is at:

Some excerpts from the summary:

„The survey revealed that:

  • the vast majority (80%) of metadata holdings are operational and mostly (76%) available through the Internet while some 20% of metadata holdings are currently being redesigned indicating the state of transition at the current time.
  • 65% of metadata holdings follow ISO standards and more than half of the respondents follow some standards to encode MD, of which the majority are again ISO standards.
  • OGC Catalogue Service standards are applied to 39% of all metadata holdings and in the in case of catalogue existence the SOAP and/or HTTP protocols are used for search the most often (26%).
  • 11% of metadata holders are already created in more than one language, and moreover, the user interfaces operate in multiple languages in 18% of all cases.
  • These findings indicate that organizations understand the necessity of providing and organizing metadata in a way that is compliant with international standards, accessible through the Internet and increasingly made available in more than one language.

    The survey results will provide an input to INSPIRE Metadata and Network Services Drafting Teams.“