An interesting portal that has been a long time in development has been launched

The Water Information System for Europe (WISE) was launched March 23, 2007.
WISE is a web portal which provides the public with a wealth of information on water and
water-related topics such as bathing and other water quality data and information on urban
wastewater treatment sites. The portal is a collaborative effort between the European
Environment Agency (EEA) and the European Commission (Environment, Joint Research Centre
and Eurostat).

The Themes and Data section provides information on a variety of European water related
issues, and includes an overview of:

European waters

Water pollution

Status and monitoring

Water resources

Water management

Data centre services

Reports and indicators

For many of the thematic areas, maps and data are available. These aids help visualise the
particular issue on a European scale. For example, thematic maps summarise the data
delivered by the Member States and provide links to national information providers at
river basin level. Maps are updated when new quality assured data are received.
All data used for the European overview are accessible as part of the public interface of
the WISE Geographic Information System. In the future, this system will also enable experts to
access and
download all the available data that Member States submit to the EU institutions. As a
result, it will help streamline and reduce the reporting burden for Member States under
the obligation of the Water Framework Directive and other water legislation, including
also State of Environment information for the European Environment Agency or Eurostat.
This information is intended to provide a comprehensive single entry point for identifying
and tackling current water related issues for the whole of Europe as well as measuring the
development of water quality and quantity. This will help facilitate improved management
under the Water Framework and other EU Directives.