The book Innovations in 3D Geo Information Systems covers various aspects of spatial data modelling specifically regarding three-dimensional
(3D) modelling and structuring. The realization of „true“ 3D geoinformation spatial systems
requires a high input, and the developmental process is taking place in various research centers and universities around
the globe. The development of such systems and solutions, including the modelling theories are presented in
this book.

Furthermore, several applications of the 3D geoinformation systems are also highlighted.
„Innovations in 3D Geoinformation Systems“, edited by
Alias Abdul-Rahman, Sisi Zlatanova, and Volker Coors is intended for various geoinformation-related professionals such
as GIS engineers, photogrammetrists, land surveyors, mapping specialists, and researchers, as well as
for postgraduate students and lecturers.

Keywords: 3D Data Collection, 3D Databasing, 3D GIS, 3D Spatial Data Integration, Spatial Data Modelling