Expanded web presence, adding new resource and collaboration features for members and the public.

The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC(R)) has expanded its Web presence, adding new resource and
collaboration features for both members and the general public.

The new OGC Network(TM) (http://www.ogcnetwork.net) vastly expands an easy to use set of information and
collaboration resources that showcase the OGC architectural vision in practice. The new version provides a
unique entry point for developers and technology-oriented managers — members or not — who seek to build
interoperable geospatial systems and services. Registered users can collaborate and add and edit content so
the website is fresher and more accessible for developers with less background in standards. OGC Network
provides a persistent demonstration capability and highlights components, services, information models and
compliance testing resources. It also provides samples of standard Geography Markup Language (GML) and XML
encodings and a collaboration environment for profile development.

The „OGC User,“ (http://www.ogcuser.org) a free online quarterly publication featuring OGC success stories,
has been put in a new, blog-like format. Those interested can subscribe to an RSS feed to access new stories
as soon as they are posted. Alternatively, users may continue to receive these stories in a quarterly