Google offers a free Application Programming Interface (API) and several mapping examples which give an idea about how to overlay maps with own data.
For MapInfo Professional a small MapBasic application called Map2GMap.mbx (right-click for download)
has been programmed which generates a complete HTML page which integrates Google&apo;s Map object overlayed with point data from a MapInfo table. By clicking on a marker an info window pops up displaying attribute information gained from the objects in the table.

An example can be found at

Before getting started with creating your own maps using Map2GMap, you“ll need to sign up for a Google Maps API Key. You have to enter the key in the map2gmap.ini file which will be created automatically by the application.

Note that you have to use a webserver, locally installed or on a server! The mapper window must use a latitude / longitude projection because Google&apo;s map supports only these type of projection.

Don“t forget to read Google&apo;s Terms of Use before you agree to them!

As noted in there are some limitations with Google Maps API key:

  • The Google Maps API key is restricted to generate maps only for URLs (website or a local host). You need to have a web server even for development.
  • The key you receive might be only valid for a single directory on your web site.

Enjoy creating your own maps!