Participation at InterGEO in Karlsruhe

Routeware announces that they shall be at the Intergeo exhibition again this year.
It is in Karlsruhe, Germany, 22/9-24/9. Customers are invited to drop by
to discuss routing problems, andf to see our demos etc.

Routeware released FleetEngine beta 3. If you want to get access to this, send Routeware an e-mail.

For RouteFinder for MapInfo a minor update was released a few months ago (v. 3.62). The update was checked with MapInfo Professional v10.0 and Routeware have only found some small issues. These will be corrected in an update.

RW Net 2.41 was released yesterday with some bug fixes, new functions and improvements. Updates has been sent to those on maintenance.

Routeware also has the documentation available on-line now: Documentation for more products will soon be made available on-line.