Eliminating Geocoding Costs and Licensing Related Delays (at least for USA), SRC Continues to Fuel the Adoption of Content-focused and Content-rich Business Intelligence Systems
a developer of geographic business intelligence software, announced the release of its Explorer geocoder technology
to the open source community. SRC&apo;s Explorer is the industry&apo;s first open sourced geocoder that
is data and country independent, enabling developers to integrate digital address databases in any country to
support geocoding processes. By open sourcing Explorer, SRC continues to further the expectation from business leaders
that business intelligence tools will provide their organizations with immediate, revenue generating opportunities via a
content neutral environment.

A database process that assigns latitude and longitude coordinates to any geographic address or intersection;
SRC&apo;s Explorer combines its geocoding library with free US Census Bureau&apo;s TIGER address coding guide.
TIGER data, compiled of street names, address ranges and intersections coordinates, joined together with Explorer enables
companies to immediately accomplish business development and customer services goals

The open source of the Explorer geocoder C++ library is available under an LGPL license.
The geocoder is available to download from SRC&apo;s Website at: http://www.extendthereach.com/products/OSGeocoder.srct.

An article has been published by Joe Francica at http://www.directionsmag.com/editorials.php?article_id=2150&trv=1.