Safe Software announced that its software solution FME, the recognized standard in spatial ETL (extract, transform and
load), now offers complete support for CityGML,
a common information model for the representation of 3D urban objects.

The FME 2009 beta introduces the ability to write CityGML data, adding to the read support which has been available since the
format&apo;s early draft stages. This combination of read and write capabilities enables CityGML users to communicate in the common
specification while still using their preferred systems for data analyses. FME Server, Safe Software&apo;s spatial data distribution
solution, will also be extended in 2009 to add capabilities for sharing CityGML data via the OGC web feature service (WFS)

In addition to the complete support offered in FME for the widely used draft CityGML 0.4, Safe Software is already actively
updating FME to support CityGML 1.0, announced yesterday by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) as an official specification.
CityGML has been adopted as a common information model for the representation of 3D urban objects, providing a standard means by
which to share urban spatial data.

Safe Software has been proactively providing read/write capabilities for OGC standards since the preliminary stages of GML in
2001. Today, FME supports OGC WMS, WFS, GML, and KML along with CityGML.