Nanjing, China, May 26-28, 2007

Since CPGIS&apo;s inception in 1992, the series of International
Conference on Geoinformatics has provided a highly attractive
opportunity of gathering and knowledge exchange for professionals
and practitioners worldwide. The 15th International Conference on
Geoinformatics will be held May 26-28, 2007 in Nanjing, China. The
conference theme is „Cartography, Spatial Analysis and Visualization
for Harmonious Society“. Acting as a major event of the 50th
anniversary of the cartography specialization at Nanjing University
and the 15th anniversary of CPGIS, this conference encourages
diverse topics related to philosophy, technology and solution to
enrich the future development of Geoinformatics. All accepted papers
will be included in a disk. After this conference, papers conditionally
selected through a peer-review process will be published in a special
issue (SCI or EI indexed).

The conference opens to all aspects of Geoinformatics covering
theory, technology and application, especially in the following areas:

  • Cartographic Theory and Applications
  • Map Generalization
  • Data Models in Cartography
  • Representation and Visualization of Geospatial Data
  • Geographic Information Sciences
  • Theory and Algorithms in GIS
  • Errors and Their Measurements in Spatial Data
  • Acquisition and Processing of Remotely Sensed Data
  • Information Extraction from Remotely Sensed Data
  • Satellite Positioning Technology and New Surveying
  • Web GIS
  • Spatial Decision Support System
  • Government GIS
  • Land Use / Land Cover Change
  • Digital Earth
  • Climate Change and Global Change
  • GIS for Environment and Health

The deadline for abstract is March 31, 2007.

More information can be found at the conference&apo;s website,