The Open Geospatial Consortium, Inc. (OGC)® announces the availability of a new book „SANY – an open service architecture for sensor networks,“ available free at The book provides an excellent introduction to OGC’s Sensor Web Enablement (SWE) standards,
which enable developers to make all types of sensors, transducers and sensor data repositories discoverable, accessible and useable via the Web.

The acronym SANY stands for „Sensors Anywhere.“ As a major Integrated Project in the Sixth Framework Programme of the European Commission, SANY extends the interoperability advances of an earlier European project, ORCHESTRA, into the domain of environmental sensor networks and standards-based sensor web enablement to support decision-making.

OGC SWE standards were applied in SANY to three innovative risk management applications involving air pollution, marine risks and geohazards. These efforts yielded valuable reference implementations
of sensor web Web services and geospatial processing Web services for decision support and data fusion.

SANY is the work of the SANY consortium, a group composed of 16 partners from seven EU member states (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France, Poland, United Kingdom) and one associated state

About fjbehr

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Josef Behr, Professor of Geoinformatics at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences ( His specializations include * Internet, Internet GIS * XML, GML, SVG * Data exchange and Interoperability * Visualization * Open Source Solutions * Consulting Member of the DIN working group NA 005-03-03 AA "Arbeitsausschuss Kartographie und Geoinformation" (Sp CEN/TC 287+ISO/TC 211). He is the author of two authoritative books on GIS in German, one is "Strategisches GIS-Management", published by Wichmann Verlag (2004). The second is "Einführung in Geographische Informationssysteme" (1997).

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