Last update: January 25, 2007

Map2SVG is a Web publishing tool for MapInfo ProfessionalŪ.


  • High quality output (colors, stroke-width, ...)
  • Produces scalable maps
  • Highlighting of polygons, polylines, symbols, and texts
  • Cartographic visualisation with gradients, and patterns
  • Visualization of additional text info
  • Client-side search functionality for text
  • Integrated Layer control
  • Easy generation of Web mapping information
  • Integration of links using URL fields in MapInfo tables (xlink)
  • Uses SVG, the pre-standard data format of the WWW consortium
  • Additional output files for MySQL as a Geodata database
  • Quality printing support
  • XML based
  • Preview Version 2


You are invited to provide a link to your SVG mapping site after downloading Map2SVG. . Contact us here!.

The following maps are generated using map2svg:

Land use segments in Accra

Land use segments in Accra

Master Thesis 2006/2007: Map2SVG as input tool

Europe's Rail Network Corridors

Europe's Rail Network Corridors

Master Thesis: Map2SVG with additional enhancements


Mapping Europe's mammals using data from the Atlas of European Mammals


SVG Sample

Biology (IE recommeded)

New: Mouse-over-effects, Visualization of Info Texts

SVG Sample

Archeological Sites (IE recommeded)

New: Mouse-over-effects, Visualization of Info Texts, Gradients

Marathon 2001 Germany (IE recommeded)
SVG-Mapping-Sample Marathon 2000
Sewerage Network over scanned cadastral map. You can zoom in twice until you see the resolution of the original image layer.
SVG-Mapping-Sample Karlsruhe
Thematic Layer Export from MapInfo Professinal Ū. Thematic layer are exported as raster data.


  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP. 
  • Version 1.3: MapInfo 6.5 or higher
    Previous versions: MapInfo 4.5 or higher


Students and educational institutions using Map2SVG for educational purposes have the permission of the author to use the program free of charge so long as it is not manipulated, decompiled, changed in any way, or separated from any of its distributed files. If Map2SVG is used for business purposes at any time, the company or individual must obtain a license. This includes state or municipal organizations.


The following MapInfo features are currently not or not fully supported:
  • text with text arrows
  • brush patterns (simulated by different degrees of opacity)
  • non-metric projections (warning, possible distortions).

Planned improvements

The following improvements are planned:

  • Coordinate display
  • Attribute presentation

Mailing List

If you want to be informed concerning further updats and bug fixes, insert your eMail adress in the input field and hit the subscribe button.

All eMail addresses are treated confidential; they are not delivered to other persons or companies.

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  • I have just find your great product MapInfo to SVG convertor, itīs absolut great.
    - Vladimir, Nov 22, 2005
  • It works great..! Thanks a lot
    - Raoul, Sep 10, 2005
  • This tool is great and is exactly what I was looking for. thanks a lot !!!
    - Cedric
  • Map2svg is an excellent tool!
    - Tony
  • Your MBX is very good and very simple to use. Thanks for all.
    - Alan


Date Version Description
  • Automatic deletion on tempory MapInfo files
  • Modified attribute XML output for MySQL
  • Minor bug fixes
  • Minor update for text position and size
  • Checking availability of ECMAScript files

    Right-click to download the mbx file separately. If you already installed a previous version, you can replace the map2svg.mbx file installed before.
  • Added SRSList table for tabular output
  • Small bug fixing (missing blank after id attribute
2004-12-30 1.3.8
  • Minor enhancement for default SRS in tabular output
2004-07-02 1.3.7
  • Support for gradients / patterns
  • Fix: Export of raster layers
2004-06-10 1.3.6
  • Additional option menu (User defined coordinate reduction, ...)
  • Better support for lat / long
  • Fix: layers with global styles
  • Fix: polyline objects
  • Fix: Output for MySQL
2004-01-30 1.3.5
  • Enhanced output for MySQL, including attribute values
  • User defined coordinate reduction via .ini file
  • Bug fix for line objects
2003-12-21 1.3.4
  • Output for non-metric projections
  • Additional output for MySQL (geometry)
2003-05-26 1.3.3
  • Some bug fixing concerning label IDs
2003-02-14 1.3.2
  • Integration of MapInfo Legend Window
  • Some bug fixing
2003-01-03 1.3
  • Highlighting of objects
  • Tool tips
  • Some bug fixing
2001-08-03 1.2
  • Option of compressing SVG file.
  • Export of thematic layers as bitmap
  • Some bug fixing
2001-03-05 1.0
  • Integration of customizable filters - own filters can be integrated.
  • Enhanced, wizard like user interface
  • Option to export complete layers - more information as seen in the mapper window
  • Enhanced customizable layer control (CSS)
  • Variable SVG map size (corresponging to MapInfo mapper window, user defineable)
  • Better text support
  • Integration of HTML templates - perfect fit into your corporate indentity
  • Batch mode - possibility of integration in other MapBasic applications (special licensing)
  • Some bug fixing
2000-10-22 0.71
  • Adding text.css to the output directory.
  • Adding some documentation to the doc directory
2000-10-18 0.7
  • Enhancement to parameters in the configuration file (ini file).
  • Enhancement to symbol translation (MapInfo Cartographic, see SymbolDefinitions.TAB).
  • Auto calculation for text and symbol height - but it remains extremly difficult to get text height from MapInfo.
  • Some bug fixes (object type Line, stroke-width, color in layer control)
2000-08-06 0.61
  • Enhancement to parameters in the configuration file (ini file).
  • Clipping on mapper window border now optional
  • Color of layer contro background and layer control text can be set in the ini file.
  • Some bug fixes (INFO_ARROW, Clipping)
2000-08-01 0.6 First published release


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