Now that the program for the annual conference free and open source software for geospatial (FOSS4G) has been published it’s time to register as soon as possible.

By doing so before the 8th of May (to be honest: 9th of May, 13h CET, which is 8th of May 24h in the most western time zone) you keep 160 euro’s in your pocket – that makes a lot of Bratwurst and Beer! But even more important, you also gives the organisation committee, a good insight of who is joining the conference in August in Bonn, and thus you give them the opportunity to fine-tune the program and its side events to fulfil your expectations.

About 300 „early bird“ participants already did so. Take them as a good example and register now:

Also there are some last seats for our studentship program left! Apply by sending an email ASAP to!

Also since 1st of May applying for our the Travel Grant program opened. Find details here

About fjbehr

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Franz-Josef Behr, Professor of Geoinformatics at Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences ( His specializations include * Internet, Internet GIS * XML, GML, SVG * Data exchange and Interoperability * Visualization * Open Source Solutions * Consulting Member of the DIN working group NA 005-03-03 AA "Arbeitsausschuss Kartographie und Geoinformation" (Sp CEN/TC 287+ISO/TC 211). He is the author of two authoritative books on GIS in German, one is "Strategisches GIS-Management", published by Wichmann Verlag (2004). The second is "Einführung in Geographische Informationssysteme" (1997).

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