The organizing committee invites you to attend CoastGIS 07 , the 8th
International Symposium on GIS and Computer Mapping for Coastal Zone
Management. The conference will take place in Santander, Spain, between the
8th and the 10th of October, 2007.

This is the eighth of a series of conferences with an important
international scope (up to 30 countries from all continents). The CoastGIS
conferences began in 1995, and the last host was the city of Wollongong,
Australia, during which over 80 papers were presented. Other important
venues have been Cork in Ireland, Aberdeen in Scotland, Brest in France,
Halifax in Canada and Genoa in Italy.

Over 200 professionals from the GIS and/or coastal management fields are
expected to attend, representing a wide range of academic, governmental and
commercial interests. The main objective of this conference is to create a
meeting place in which the most relevant issues and the newest breakthroughs
in GIS applications for littoral and marine environments will be tackled by
internationally renowned experts.

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