An introduction to mapping and GIS technology and concepts

The MapTogether project released a free Guide to Nonprofit GIS and Online Mapping this week, which might interesting!

The Booklet is aimed at staff and volunteers of NPOs, NGOs, grassroots groups, voluntary sector organizations, etc.

It’s focused on free and low-cost tools and data sources, although the data source section is currently still very US-centric. The download is available at

The organisation is currently seeking feedback on the guide, as well as resources for free and low-cost data and tools that non-profit groups outside the USA might find useful. Please submit your suggestions at:

The Guide includes:

  • a brief introduction to mapping and GIS (geographic information systems) technology and concepts
  • examples of successful nonprofit projects using GIS and/or mapping technologies
  • helpful strategies for planning your own mapping/GIS project
  • a review of public data sources with freely available data
  • a brief review of free and low-cost tools for nonprofit mapping and GIS projects.

The Guide is released under a Creative Commons 3.0 NC/BY/ND license.

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