Zweites Symposium "e;From off the record to accredited volunteered GEOinformation"e; gemeinsam von swisstopo – EuroSDR – EuroGeographics

Based upon the promising result of the 1st EuroSDR Workshop on Crowd Sourcing for Updating National Databases, held at the Federal Office of Topography (swisstopo), Wabern, Switzerland on August 20-21, 2009, we invite you to participate in this follow up symposium.
The symposium (8-9th September, 2010, Bern, Switzerland) aims at strengthening the collaboration of the (National) Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCA), the research communities and companies in the field of user generated contents, which is identified as an important and valuable input in map or GEOdata updating procedures, contents generation and interactions with the users. The symposium should help overcome the lack of experience, knowledge of interaction schemes, of techniques, of legal aspects and of production process integration aspects. The symposium topics are focussed on volunteered GEOdata aspects (not vernacular geography or data mining topics).

Symposium Topics

This symposium will include paper presentations and panel discussions with the focus on the scientific, technical, operational and legal aspects of Crowd Sourcing of GEOinformation for NMCA’s:

  • Crowd sourcing for NMCA’s and geoportals
    • state of the art, solutions, projects and objectives
    • experiences on communal, district, national, international scale
    • applications, software and hardware
  • Interaction with the crowds
    • identification of crowds and community building
    • care, motivation, incentives, rewards
  • Quality of crowd sourced GEOdata
    • standards
    • validation and controlling
    • data matching, integration, differential updates
    • legal aspects

Further information can be found here.

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